Buffalo Trace Distillery – Mash Bill #1 Tasting Event

We invite you to a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey tasting event held at Epoch – Spirits & Elixirs, Târgu Mureș, Str. Bolyai nr. 1e on the 15.12.201618:00 and at WINE BOX, Târgu Mureș, Str. Gheorghe Doja nr 243, Promenada Mall on the 16.12 2016 – 18:00.

During the tasting we will be showcasing 3 brands of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey distilled by Buffalo Trace Distillery. The whiskies we will be presenting are: Benchmark 8, Buffalo Trace and 1792 Small Batch.
Let’s discover the art of making a truly unique Kentucky straight bourbon and what sets it apart from other whiskies.